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Financial Calculator Fundamentals

Concerning Decimals

Your calculator was most likely set to 2 decimal places. However, you may want to change the number of decimal places it displays. Notice on the bottom row of keys, under =, is DISP. Press   DISP, then simply enter the number of decimal places you wish to display.

To show four decimal places, press:

To return to two decimal places, press:

  DISP  4

  DISP  2

For the TI BAII Plus:

2nd ·  4  ENTER  2nd QUIT
2nd ·  2  ENTER  2nd QUIT


It's important to be diligent in clearing your calculator. To help understand this process, you have to remember that your calculator is not a sophisticated computer. It is a much more manual device and you have to do a lot of the "thinking" for it. So when you input information, think of it as inputting information into separate "registers." You have to manually clear those registers one way or another.

Notice C towards the bottom left of the keypad. C clears out your last input. Now notice under C is C ALL, which stands for "Clear All." In time value of money and certain other applications,   C ALL clears out all the work in a given set.

To clear last input, press:

To clear all the work in a given set, press:

For the TI BAII Plus:

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