Time Value of Money Solution Grid

 Self-Paced Overview

Financial Calculator Fundamentals

The Time Value of Money Keys

For most functions, the time value of money keys are along the top row of the keypad.

Note the keys:

N,  I/YR,  PV,  PMT,  FV   and     P/YR  (Shifted PMT)

For the TI BAII Plus:

N,   I/Y,   PV,  PMT,  FV   and  2nd P/Y  (Shifted I/Y)

N Number of Periods
I/YR Annual Interest Rate
PV Present Value
PMT Annuity Payment
FV Future Value

Periods per Year

If the calculation involves annual interest, P/YR would be one;
semiannual interest, P/YR would be two;
quarterly interest, P/YR would be four;
monthly interest, P/YR would be 12; and so on. is maintained by Dr. Sharon Garrison
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